If a website has been categorized incorrectly, you can tell Sophos about it so that we can improve the categorization for all Sophos Firewall users. Please submit a sample of the URL. However you can also create additional steps in the Web policy to handle websites differently from their category.

The most common reason to treat a website differently is because a website is being blocked (or allowed) when it should not be. In Sophos Firewall there are three ways to create objects and policy rules for websites and URLs to achieve the business needs.

  • Custom category with domain
  • Custom category with keyword
  • URL groups

When using a custom category or URL group, the URL will still maintain its original category. Therefore in addition to adding the URL to either a custom category or URL group, you must also create a Web policy rule to handle it. This rule should at the top of the list so that it takes priority.

As an example, you can create a custom category called Whitelist for Sales Dept and put into it a list of domains that the sales team should always have access.

Then in the Web policy, create a rule at the top that only applies to the sales user group and set the Whitelist for Sales Dept category to Allow.

In the firewall rule allowing Internet access, make sure to select the appropriate web policy. In this example it is the Default Policy.