To keep Gmail as your email manager and send email as an alias, so your recipient sees the "from" as, follow these steps:

For GMAIL Users see below.  

STEP 1: Log in to your Gmail email account and click on the "gear icon" in the upper right to select "Settings" from the drop-down menu.
Send Mail As Gmail

STEP 2: Select "Accounts".

STEP 3: In the "Send Mail As" area, click on the blue "Add another email address you own" link.

STEP 4. Enter your emails in the provided fields.

Send Mail As Gmail Email Fields

STEP 5: Choose your appropriate conditions on each stage and advance through by clicking the "Next Step" button.

Send Mail As Gmail Email SMTP Servers

STEP 6: Gmail will verify that your email address(es) exist.
Note: Check your spam folder if your verification code email for confirmation doesn't arrive in your inbox.

Send Mail As Gmail Verification

Note: You can always verify and request the code again from the same "Send Mail As" area.

STEP 7: When composing a new email or replying, you can now select your desired "From" email address from the "From Field Drop Down" menu.

Send Mail As Gmail From Drop Down